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DAEMON BMW S1000RR 2019- – DB RACE (Pair)

kr4750kr6350 inkl. MVA

Rear-view mirror line Daemon for BMW S1000RR 2019- signed DB Race Design. The mirrors  are made entirely from solid aluminum through a process of mechanical machining and CNC, and are characterised by’central insert that accommodates the direction indicators LED type SMD with power SEQUANZIAL . The mirrors are the short arm and perfectly interchangeable with the originals.

The rear-view mirrors of the Daemon line are Supplied as a couple (DX + SX) In an elegant package. RearviewèGIàComplete with handlebar attachment and electrical connection using the original Ducati connector, it also does not need any resistance for proper operation (ègiàmounted on board the rear-view mirror) asèPerfectly compatible with L’Original electrical system. 

Mirrors Daemon They are available in the following finishes:

  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum LED
  • Anthracite aluminum LED
  • LED Matt Carbon
  • LED polished carbon
  • Gold forged carbon LED
  • Forged Carbon LED Silver
  • LED carbon framework


This DB-Race product is notèApproved for road traffic in countries where approvals are prescribed. DB-RACE SRL therefore declines any and any responsibilityàDepending on the different use that is done. DB-Race declines each and any responsibilityàFor damage to what and people caused by a non-homologated product or in case it is mounted incorrectly and not by qualified personnel.

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